Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

The web page www.hostel-varna.com belongs to "Express Garantion" Ltd. - registered in accordance with the Trade law of the Republic of Bulgaria in Varna city , Reg. Nr. 020916641,  with domicile and management address in Varna, 9023, Varna Province, Atanas Moskov 3, Aqua Center.


The current General Conditions settle the relations between "Express Garantion" Ltd. (hereunder referred to in brief as SUPPLIER) and each person that uses the web page www.hostel-varna.com (hereunder referred to in brief as CONSUMER/ USER according to the Customer Protection Law).

  1.   The provider is entitled:

- to put links to other internet pages and resources for sale of goods and for providing of services to third parties, including hyperlinks to other web sites also in the user profile.

-  to deactivate, shutdown or any kind of down time for the website, without announcement in advance. This includes, but does not limit to updates and management.

The copyrights and all other rights regarding intellectual property over materials in the website, including its design, images and source code, are all property to "Express Garantion" Ltd. and are under the protection of the valid national and international low at the area of the intellectual property.

      2.    The client / The customer has the obligations:

- to provide accurate and valid information for correspondence;

- to not send invalid messages or spam using the contact form or the online chat;

- not to act in malicious way by the meaning  of the current General conditions;

- to comply with the curent Bulgarian legislation and the current Terms and Conditions;

- not to interfere with the proper functioning of the system, including, but not only, not to discomfit the identification procedure of another user, not to make access outside the granted one, not to impede other users from using www.hostel-varna.com ;

- not to extract through any technical means informational resources, or part of them, that belongs to the data base located in the shop, and not to create in this way his own data base in electronic or other mode;

- not to present hiimself for another person or for represenative of osme legal entity, or group of people, which he is not authorized to represent, or in another way to mislead third parties regarding his identity or belonging to some certain group of people;

- not to act malicious way by the meaning of the current General Conditions;

     3. The client / The customer has the rights to:

- to access online the Supplier, in compliance with the conditions and requirements for such access, besides the cases of events beyond the control of the Supplier - force major, accidental events, problems in the global network.

- to contact "Express Garantion" Ltd.  using the avaible contact form, without acting maliciously by the meaning of the current General Conditions.

     4. Changes in the current general conditions.

In case of change of the general conditions, each user receives possibility to get to know with the new conditions through informational system of the web site. With the acceptance of the current General conditions the users declare, that they are familiar and agree with the current General Conditions.


   5. Personal Data

- Hostel-varna.com can gather unindentifying information about the Client / Customer without their explicit consent (city from which he logged to the website, time of visit, name and version of the web-browser , operational system and other technical parameters), provided by the web-browsers that they're using to visit the www.hostel-varna.com . This information can be used by Hostel-varna.com to imrpove the serices, provided to the clients.

- Hostel-varna.com guarantees that the Client/ Customer personal information, gathered using the contact form, will be used only during the conversation with the Client is ongoing or we've provided the requested solution. The data regarding the issue will be stored briefly after that.

- the Supplier is obligated to use the gathered information only in compliance with the previously mentioned intentions and to not share,sell or provide in any way third parties with this or any information regarding its Clients / Customers. Except for the cases when it is requested by an authorized law enforcement, in compliance with the current Bulgarian legislation.