Dear Customers,


I would like to introduce you the concept of Hostel Central. The idea of the hostel-was set a long time ago. Our concept was to create a different hostel which meets guest's requirements and is on a reasonable price.


In general, what characterizes the hostel? Big rooms with 5-6 beds, common bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Generally, in such conditions, people communicate more and they get to know each other, which is the main point when you stay in such structures. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. The total privacy is not an option because during their stay people sleep in a common room and inflict their comfort in the night, snore and bother each other. Some of them might like to get up early or to stay late in the evening and sleep until noon. Luggage and personal belongings are in common areas without security guarantee.


Тhis is how we got to the idea to combine a hostel-type accommodation with hotel model. We made rooms (small) with one large bed. The mattresses are at the level of a 4-star hotel. We have chosen quality pillows and blankets. The rooms are sound prooved to avoid the unpleasant noises from the outside or the sounds from other rooms. The walls are made of HPL which is fireproofed material and very easy to clean – a guarantee for an excellent hygiene. Under the bed there is a large storage space where you can put your things safety. Each room has air-conditioning, individually adjustable. The lock of the room is the latest model and can be controlled by a smart phone.


Someone might ask how contacts and acquaintances will be realised. The room is only for sleeping and a guarantee for your belongings. Meeting area is the big common room with TV and kitchenette, refrigerator and crockery. There people can prepare something to eat, watch TV, talk or smoke cigarettes on the terrace. There is also place where guests can manually wash their clothes. Clothes dryers, ironing table and iron could be assured upon request.


Hostel Central is the perfect place where you can stay at a reasonable price, interact with people of all interests, with different nationalities and at the end of the day to get self-dependence, security and rest.